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About Us
Mount-Royal Moving is an independent moving company, in business for 10 years, based in Montreal, Canada and dedicated to moving its customers household goods with Quality Care.
It operates a fleet of 6 moving vans ranging in size from cube-van to tractor-trailer and its crews of professional employees are experts in stress-free moving of personal effects. Mont-Royal Moving understands that moving can be a difficult time for families and will ensure the experience is carried-out in a most affordable and comfortable manner possible.
To do so, we provide regular service to and from major cities in Canada and the USA as well as storage facilities in convenient locations across the territory.
We specialize in the transportation of goods between Florida and Canada and our scheduled twice-monthly trips provide convenient service to the entire Eastern Seaboard, with stops in Boston, New York, Baltimore, Washington, Raleigh, Columbia and all points in Florida.
To offer continuity of movements, our service includes regular weekly trips to Toronto, London, Windsor and Ottawa. We also service all Eastern Canadian cities such as Quebec and Halifax.
In addition, our regular monthly service to Vancouver and Vancouver Island stops at all western Canadian centers such as Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and places in between.
From Vancouver, our connecting service will deliver to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
A wide range of communications facilities afford constant contact with our staff and provide customers with up-to-date reports on the movements of their goods, as well as direct links to the vans and their drivers.
Mont-Royal Moving is a trusted partner for all our customer's moving needs and our dedicated staff will make sure that each move is performed with complete customer satisfaction.
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