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Moving To USA Requirements

Personal Entry Regulations
Classes of Entrants
For the purposes of Customs and Immigration there are two classes of people entering the Unit States:

Returning Residents

The Returning Residents Class Includes:

-A Citizen, who is defined as a per­son who has acquired United States Citizenship by virtue of birth or naturalization and who owes allegiance exclusively to the Government of the United States.

-A Resident Alien is a non-citizen or national of another country who has acquired legal permanent resi­dence within the United States, and is returning from a temporary stay outside the United States.

The Non-Resident Class Includes:

-An Immigrant is a person who has acquired a visa allowing them to live permanently within the United States and who is coming to the United States for initial admission for permanent residence.

-A Non-Immigrant is a national of a country other than the United States who is proceeding to the United States temporarily on business, or to study, and who has another country to which he/she ultimately intends to return. In this category are diplomats, students, visitors and temporary workers, including intra-company transferees.

Required Documents to Enter the United States

United States Citizens

A valid United States Passport, or a certified copy of Birth Certificate, and Social Security Number U.S. Treasury Form 3299 ­'Declaration of Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles"

Required Documents
To Enter the United States

Alien registration receipt card, or Re-Entry permit issued by the United States Immigration Service. Canadian Citizens will also require a valid Canadian Passport, and, Social Insurance Number U.S. Treasury Form 3299 - «Declaration of Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles"

N.B. Every family member who will be entering the United States must have either a Passport or certified copy of their Birth Certificate.


A valid unexpired Passport and an Immigrant Visa issued by a United States Consul Officer or a valid Work Visa - Form 1-94. Canadian citizens will also require a certified copy of their Birth Certificate, their Social Insurance Number and U.S. Treasury Form 3299 - «Declaration of Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles"

N.B. Every family member who will be entering the United States must have either a Passport or certified copy of their Birth Certificate.


A valid unexpired Passport and a United States Visa allowing admission into the United States.
Border-Crossing Requirements
Driver and Moving Van
Depending on the variety and nature of the goods you wish to import into the United States, the Mont-Royal Moving driver must have in 18 his possession the requisite documents.

The document which pertains to all shipments is commonly referred to as "the 3299". This document is tided "Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles" e United States Customs Service.

Proper and detailed completion of form 3299 will normally ensure your Mont-Royal Moving driver is able to clear your shipment through U.S. Customs at the border crossing point.

Incomplete information; undeclared items subject to duty; the inclusion of restricted items in the shipment without the appropriate additional documents; or the inclusion of prohibited items which are discovered through random inspection of the shipment at the border will result in severe penalties, duties, taxes and/or confiscation of the goods.

In addition, Mont-Royal Moving may access charges for duties, taxes or fees imposed by the United States Government to clear the shipment on behalf of the shipper, and additional charges for delay, retention and warehousing cost which may be incurred by Mont-Royal Moving.

A sample of a completed 3299 form is included at the back of this guide. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure all required information is noted then re-check your completed form to ensure there are no omissions.

Regardless of the documentation being in order, United States Customs may still choose not to clear the shipment at the border (this happens rarely). In this unlikely event, your shipment will be placed in bond, which means that you will have to personally report to the nearest U.S. Customs office to the actual destination of your shipment, along with the Mont-Royal Moving driver and van containing your shipment. The goods mayor may not be unloaded and inspected at this point. This process will unfortunately result in additional and costly charges for re-routing, detention, and possibly warehousing and handing, which are the liability of the shipper (customer).

Completion of Form 3299


1-Full name of shipper (owner of goods) - NO INITIALS

2-Date of Birth - (spell out name of month to prevent misinterpretation between numeric month or day).

3-The date you will arrive in the United States ... NOTE: United States regulations require that the shipper enter the United States BEFORE the shipment.

4-Delivery address in the United States (if unknown, please show address of employer, family member or friend in the destination city - intended for delivery). Identify address as that of friend relative or employer as the case may be.

5-Port of Arrival. The airport or border point where you will be processed by U.S. Customs on the date entered in foregoing item 3.

6-Name of Arriving Vessel/Carrier and Flight/Train. The means by which you entered the United States - personal automobile or name of airline and flight number, or name of rail road/bus line, ete.

7-Name(s) of Accompanying Household Members. Full name - NO INITIALS and relationship of each family member to person named in foregoing item 1 - ie. spouse, son, daughter, etc.

8-The Mont-Royal Moving driver will complete item 8 "A" through "F" as follows:

A. date shipment arrives at border
B. Mont-Royal Moving
C. Canada
D. NAVL Contract Number
E. number of items being shipped
F. Inventory tag number from _________ to __________ (inclusive)


9-To be completed by person in Pan I item 1:

Residency: If you are still maintaining a permanent residence outside the U.S. check the block marked "is". If you are entering the U.S. to take up residence on a permanent basis, or for an extended period of time, check the block marked "was".
Complete A, B and C.

A. Canada
B. Number of years and months a resident of Canada

Check applicable box:

If returning resident of U.S. legibly print your VISA or Passport number here (indicating which one) and your Social Security Number.

If a Non-Resident Immigrating to the U.S. - legibly print your VISA or Passport number here (indicating which one) and your Social Insurance Number.

10-Statement(s) of eligibility for free entry of articles. Check appropriate boxes depending on your status, that is - resident or non-resident (see personal entry regulations in this brochure for definitions.


This section is completed by individuals who have resided outside the United States, who are United States Government or Military Employees, or evacuees from foreign countries.


Check the applicable boxes that pertain to the articles you are importing.

When you check B (7) and/or C(II), you must complete Part IV Section D on the reverse side of this form and duty and taxes may be assessed on the articles listed.

Completion of Section D:
Complete columns (1), (2) and (3) in detail if you have checked B(7) or C(II). It will help Customs and speed the clearance at the border if you provide the driver wi th copies of purchase receipts for all articles which you may have to declare under section D. It will also ensure that you will not be assessed taxes and/or duties in excess of the value of such goods.

Complete column (4) if you have checked C(10).


This section is completed by your Mont-Royal Moving Driver at origin as follows:

1. Mont-Royal Moving
2. Signature of Mont-Royal Moving Driver, printed name, and date (spell out of month)


The shipper checks box 1 Band signs and dates at 2 and 3 certifying that the declaration is complete and correct.


Is completed by a United States Customs Official.

Moving Day Checklist - Shipper
For your personal entry into the United States, you MUST produce me requisite documents depending upon your entry status and nature and content of goods you will Import.

Please check the appropriate boxes that pertain to you and your shipment and ensure you have these in: your possession to present to the Customs Official at your Port of Entry into the United States.

Passport for each person
Certified copies of Birth Certificate for each person travelling
U.S. Alien Registration Receipt or Re-entry Permit (if applicable)
Valid Work Visa Form 1-9-4 (if applicable)
Copy of Mont-Royal Moving Bill of Lading
Copy of the Household Goods Inventory Listings
Copy of Form 3299. Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles When shipping or entering U.S. with a Motor Vehicle: 21
Manufacturer's Letter of Compliance
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Form
Driver's License o Proof of Insurance , (for automobile)
Automobile Registration/ Ownership Certificate (original)
Requisite document for Firearms, Alcohol, Pets and Plants which are included in the shipment or carried on your person.

Other Important Papers and Articles to Carry With You
Children's School Records
Insurance Policies
Medical and Dental Records
Duplicate Keys
Baby's Special Equipment
Prescription Drugs, Medication
Out of Country Health Insurance Coverage
Irreplaceable Photos and Snapshots
Coin or Stamp Collection
Camera/Camcorder & Film
Moving Day Checklist - Driver
Your Mont-Royal Moving driver MUST have the following doc­uments in his possession to clear your shipment with Customs at the United States Port of Entry.
Original of Form 3299 Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles.
Photocopies of Birth Certificates and photo ID or photocopy of passport inside pdge showing picture and description of the importer, that is, the person named in item 1 on Form 3299.
Photocopy of the importers Social Insurance Card or Social Security Card.
Copy of Work Visa 1-94 (if applicable)
Originals of special permits required for restricted items which are loaded on the van, ie. excess quantities of alcohol, etc.

If your automobile is loaded on the moving van, the Mont-Royal Moving driver will also require:
Manufacturer's Letter of Compliance
Environmental Protection Agency Form (EP A)
Photocopy of your Driver's License
Proof of Insurance (for automobile)
Original Automobile Registration/ Ownership Certificate:
The driver will require the original registration in order to obtain an "Informal Entry" Form #368 which is required to be surrendered by you when you register your vehicle in the state you will reside.
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